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Who are GreenTech Ltd.?

Greentech Ltd. are in charge of charcoal briquettes producing.
Our company is producing briquettes using deep carbonization
method thereby we are removing all needless resin and chemical
compounds from wood.
Charcoal is the best choice out of combustible materials because of absolute environmental friendliness, high calorie content, no smoke while burning, no heating system pollution during the burning process. Carbonized coal or biomass has longer burning time, high and steady calorie indicators. By using wood waste from wood processing companies we are not destroying the forest.

We want and do

Also we are involved in the process of new forests planting together with government services.

      Greentech charcoal briquets 


Thermal calorific value is higher compared to conventional pellets.

Raw material

Waste from any wood is used as a raw material.


Can be stored in the open air without packing, in difference from usual pellet.

The problem of ecology and world goods.

Russia is the country with the largest forest reserves. But if you use the forest carelessly, then eventually the stock will come to the end very quickly. Therefore loggers and manufacturers should strive for the initial cutting, processing and recycling of waste.


There are so called "waste" (sawdust and slab) after processing the logs in most of small companies, which are not used in any way, but simply taken to specialized landfills where in the end they are not used and carry a serious danger as for ecology, and for all that surrounds this landfill, because it is a very fire hazardous place.

Official purchase of waste.

Greentech Ltd. purchase raw materials (waste) only from trusted manufacturers of wood products.

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